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Caring for Your Lashes

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CONGRATULATIONS on getting your first full set of mink lash extensions! WhoooHooo! Feels great to wake up flawless, huh? (cues Beyonce).

While lash extensions are virtually maintenance free, there are a few key things you must do in order to get the most out of your eyelash extensions. It is very important to practice proper maintenance to maintain good ocular health as well as to lengthen the life of your lash extensions. Applying lash extensions is only half of the battle, at home maintenance determines how long your lashes will last.


Here are some CRITICAL tips for the first 48 hours:

Caring for your lashes

Avoid getting your new eye lashes moist with water, creams, cleansers or any other type of product during the initial 48 hours. Let your new eyelashes be! This will come easy, because your eyelashes will be light-weight and gorgeous.

Do not pull, scratch, rub, or tug at your new eyelashes.

After the first 48 hours, you are able to cleanse your lashes, swim and do hot yoga however you will need to brush your lashes with a clean spoolie (mascara wand) as they are drying. You can also use a blow dryer on a cool setting to dry them. It is not the water itself that causes your lashes to shed but the water pressure.

Avoid rubbing your eyes excessively to create undue stress between your natural eyelashes and your new eyelash extensions.

Avoid excessively hot baths, showers or steam rooms. High heat will change the adhesive’s optimal chemical properties and lead to faster break down of the glue.

Avoid Eyelash curlers because your extensions are perfectly curled and to prevent undue stress between the eyelash extension and bond.

Do not pull or pluck at your eyelashes. This may cause your natural eyelashes to fall out prematurely before its full growing cycle has matured.

Do not use oil-based products on your lashes and around your eyes. They will loosen up the extension bonding agent and cause your lashes to shed extremely fast.

Use water-based eyeliner and mascara (if you choose) instead of water-proof products.

​Use oil free make up remover and/Q-tips to remove eye makeup instead of cotton balls.


We have discussed all of the DONT'S, Now let's discuss the DO'S!

  • Do cleanse your lashes daily with a gentle cleanser such as baby shampoo or lash cleanser

  • Brush you lashes daily with a clean spoolie (mascara wand)

  • Do book your lash fill appointment every two to three weeks to maintain your lash extensions

  • Enjoy your lash extensions beautiful!

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