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Choosing the RIGHT lash tech!

Have you been thinking about getting lashes? I'm going to assume you have, since you are on this site & reading this blog! And it makes sense! Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular! They give you the ability to get up and have full, long, and fluttery lashes, without layers of mascara or the risk of raccoon eyes at the end of the night! So go for it! But before you make the jump be sure to do your research!! The most important thing to keep in mind is who is going to apply them!


Choosing the right person to do your lashes is a lot like (and just as important as) choosing a tattoo artist, hairstylist, or cosmetic surgeon! There are a lot of them out there, and many are bad or unsafe! And with that being said, it is worth taking the time to do your research!

First, know what you need to look for in a lash technician! Next, browse around the web! Check out Google and yelp to see what places are near you, and also ask around and check out the places that you get the most referrals to! Get answers to very important questions:

• How long have they been working and maintaining clientele?

• How are there reviews?

• Is the clientele satisfied?

• Do they have a clean and safe location?

You also need to be weary of places offering extreme deals!! Yes, lashes can get pricey! But you do get what you pay for! If the location is offering a very low "too good to be true" price, then most likely they are using low quality products, or are not properly trained and licensed. Now that is not to say that a location can't have competitive pricing, or run deals. Just be careful for something that just doesn't seem realistic. Not only will you end up with lashes that are not so pretty, but you run the risk of infection or damaging your natural lashes!

With all that being said, if you find the right place for you, then go for it!! They will make getting ready easier and give you that eye-popping look 24/7!!

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