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Consider a Career as a Lash Artist

Lash extensions are the fastest growing segment of beauty. This particular service is expected to be around for a long time and is still considered "NEW" to the U.S. Taking this into consideration, you are not investing in something that will only work for a couple of years, you are investing into a growing industry at the best possible time. The demand is super high and the number of certified lash techs are low, this is the perfect time to look into becoming a lash artist.

Here are a few great benefits to becoming a lash specialist:

Flexibility- Lash artists have the ability to work flexible schedules. There are job opportunities to work in a spa or salon or to become an independent artist. If you choose to be a freelance artist, you're given the opportunity to set your own hours and build your own clientele. So the dream of having weekends off can be possible for you if you become a freelance artist. Research states that more than 70% of lash artists are freelancers. There is a freedom about being able to make your own hours and schedule your clients accordingly. BOSS STATUS!

Income- The lash industry is booming right now, and because of that prices for this service are fairly high. But you get what you pay for. Lash extensions usually range on average from $80-$120 for a basic lash application. Depending on your experience and if you are considered a master stylist, your lashes can range anywhere between $120-175 a set. Due to the increase in business, you can also apply volume or Russian sets and charge $200 and up. These are considered special services. Being a lash artist gives you the opportunity to earn a good income. Some specialists even start training classes that give knowledge to new lash artists. This is also an added income. Lash Specialists can make 50,000 a year depending on skill and marketing. The more experienced and known you are, The more your clientele and revenue will increase. You end up with more time to play with and more money to spend.

Satisfaction- Honestly, you have to be a natural people person when considering being a lash specialist. You have the opportunity to work with people all the time. Your personality shows in this field so if you're considering being a lash artist, please make sure you are fit for the job. Since you connect with people on a daily basis, it gives you the opportunity to build friendships and networking abilities. Satisfaction also comes from the independence you get as a lash artist. If you're a creative person. you see quickly that lashing is an art in itself. Seeing satisfied clients and their reaction to your work is a great feeling. The best thing about having a satisfied customer is that they tell their friends about their experience with you. Word of mouth is the biggest form of business marketing and network.

ROI- Return on Investment- If you decide to rent a booth as a stylist, you receive a high turn over on investments. Usually, this means that the cost of eyelash extensions highly outweigh the cost of buying the lashes and the supply that comes with them. You get your money worth plus some.

Lash extensions are a great addition to your current business or can be a new focus for you overall. When you become a certified Lash Stylist , you increase your income, gain a new skill set, and grow your client base. There is nothing but great gain here.

Do you think this is the right career for you? Contact us to find out more about our Lash Training, products and services or, register for our next session.

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