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Eye Brow Wax & Tint (Why & How)

The eyebrows have always been an important factor in the lives of many. They shape the look of the entire face and can make clients eyes appear brighter or wider. The shapes and designs of the eyebrow can change as fashion changes from year to year and season to season in the fashion and beauty industry. Because the eyebrows make an important statement, clean and natural brows are the number one priority for men and women alike.

Although there are many temporary and permanent removal services, eyebrow waxing is one of the most requested hair removal services. Waxing is a temporary hair removal service that involves applying wax to the skin and removing both the wax and the hair. This hair removal service is the most preferred because it gives you a clean smooth look and hair growth takes up to 3-4 weeks to grow back. After getting waxed for a while the hair usually grows back thinner, sparser and softer.

Waxing usually takes 15 minutes and is the preferred hair removal method because outside of a smooth look and feel, this method usually takes the longest for hair to grow back. Other temporary hair removal services like shaving, threading, and chemical removals provide more pain for the customer and the hair usually grows back quicker. Waxing pulls the hair follicle from the root.

For those dealing with naturally thin eyebrows, or it seems as though your eyebrows are thinning as the days go by, tint services after a wax is the perfect combination. To tint is to apply a chemical hair dye anywhere there is hair to provide a thicker and fuller look. This process takes 30 minutes to complete and the results can last 4-6 weeks. Women with light-colored eyes can add definition and bring out their eye color by tinting their brows darker. On the other hand, lighter brows can enhance the beauty of darker toned women significantly. When it comes to adding more definition to the facial structure, brow tinting is considered as an excellent choice. It defines the brows and creates a facial symmetry that puts your confidence through the roof.

Contact us for any more questions on which service will work best for your brows. If you are ready for your next brow treatment, click here to schedule your next appointment.

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