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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

Lamination is usually referred to as the shiny coating placed on sheets of paper in school. However, lamination has followed us into our adult lives and into the beauty industry. This innovative technique called “BROW LAMINATION “was originated in Russia, and made its way through the west, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, just take a peruse through the most trending Instagram hashtags.

Brow lamination has grown so rapidly, people are now calling it “the microblading alternative”. This service is for the woman with the sparse, gappy, eyebrows and the woman that desires the fuller look. It’s the process of making your eyebrows thicker and fuller without the use of machinery. This temporary, noninvasive procedure, gives you desirable brows in less than an hour. Not to mention how affordable it is compared to microblading.

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows as it gives it a set shape for 6-9 weeks. That’s 2 months of perfect brows! The process starts by putting a lifting perm-like solution on the eyebrows, that breaks down the bonds in each hair to make it easier for molding. Next, the eyebrows are brushed into the shape the client desires and a neutralizer is placed on the brows to keep them in shape. Lastly, growth or nourishing oil is applied to rebuild the brows after the chemical process. If the client decides to want a fuller or darker look, tinting or waxing can then be applied.

Eyebrow lamination appointment lasts for an hour and can cost between $50-$80 a service, not including add-ons like tweezing, waxing, etc. For the most part, this service is safe. However, you can experience dryness, irritation, breakage or eczema due to the chemicals used or over-processing the eyebrows so conditioning and moisturizing the area often is critical to the healing process. Lastly, there are no side effects to this service and no maintenance. After 6-8 weeks, your brows return to its original shape and you’re ready for the next treatment.

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