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Want to Grow Longer Healthier Lashes?

Lash Serum
Lash Serum from The Beauty Shop

While lash extensions and falsies are an often go-to solution for special occasions, women still want healthy natural lashes in between. How about a solution that will keep your natural lashes healthy under your extensions?

The Beauty Bar has an Eyelash Growth Serum that is a lengthening serum that you can apply every day to help create stronger, fuller, more durable lashes. This serum can be used by just about anyone who’d like to improve the appearance as well as the overall health of your lashes. It is easy to apply from the comfort of your own home.

How to apply The Eyelash Growth Serum

  • If you are used to applying eyeliner you should have no problem applying the lash serum.

  • Dip the brush into the serum bottle and remove extra liquid. Do not form the habit of putting a high quantity of serum on your eyelashes. The lashes only require just enough to stimulate the growth of them. By applying excess serum, we are only putting our eyes in danger.

  • Always apply a thin layer of the lash serum along your lash root-line. Do not apply along the lower line of your lash to prevent the serum from spreading out during blinking.

  • Use the applicator brush to work at the base of your lashes from the outer to the inner corner of your lash line.

Applying The Beauty Bar’s Eyelash Growth Serum is easy, but consistency is the key to growing longer eyelashes. These individual steps can be applied before your favorite mascara, and even under your extensions. You should wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before applying any other facial products. Applying mascaras too quickly may prevent the lash serum from being properly absorbed into the lash roots, leading to improper lash growth.

Pick up a bottle at your next spa appointment at our Raleigh location or purchase your own bottle from our online store The Beauty Shop. We know you will enjoy your longer, healthier lashes!


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