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Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to spread unforgivingly across the world, leaving no individual or business unaffected. From restaurants and small businesses to health care and higher education, this vicious plague has had major impacts on the financial well-being of these sectors. While the beauty industry may be in a comparatively stronger position than other business enterprises, we are no exception to the hardships faced by COVID-19, making 2020 one of the worst years this industry has faced.

COVID-19 has caused beauty suppliers to limit their operations and has even forced some to shut down completely. This has greatly affected the import and export aspect of this industry, making it difficult for businesses to obtain the products needed to service their clients. And even if business owners are lucky enough to attain the products for their businesses, with world-wide shutdowns and local restrictions, people aren’t venturing out like normal; hence they’re not spending money on beauty products and services like they were before.

After being forced to shut down The Beauty Bar, Inc. at the beginning of the pandemic and losing thousands of dollars in revenue, my business is slowly regaining momentum. Since reopening, myself, along with other business owners in this industry are taking every precaution available to make our clients feel protected. We are committed to providing the quality service that you are accustomed to in a safe and welcoming environment.

Employees are always required to wear a mask while in the spa. They are also required to wash their hands with warm water and soap upon entering, before and after servicing each client and periodically throughout the day. In addition, we perform a daily, thorough disinfecting of all work areas, also being sure to disinfect in between every client serviced.

Our clients are also required to wear a mask and wash their hands with warm water and soap upon entering The Beauty Bar, Inc. Clients’ masks may be removed depending on the type of service being provided. Our beauties should also feel safe knowing that we are practicing social distancing and limiting the number of people in the spa at a given time; therefore we are only accepting clients by appointment to ensure we can meet all safety protocols.

We, at The Beauty Bar, Inc, thank you for trusting us with your beauty needs during these unprecedented times, as well as your continued support!


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