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Is your team licensed?

The Beauty Bar LLC employs the best of the best! Our staff boasts over ten years of esthetics experience collectively and are licensed, professionals.

Are you a dentist or have licensing for teeth whitening?

Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has recently ruled that non-dentists can now whiten teeth, and with advances in whitening solutions and LED accelerators, we can now do the job for between $35 and $99and in as little as 15 to 45 minutes. Of course this varies on the degree to which your teeth have become stained, but be assured, we will whiten your teeth in a fraction of the time and expense.

What is the The Beauty Bar Inc. all about?

Here at The Beauty Bar, we firmly believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We believe in the enhancement of  your natural beauty and will obtain you to obtain the perfect , smile, eyelashes,  skin and even the perfect waistline. Stop by for a visit and allow us to revitalize your beauty!

What facial products do you use?

We currently use glotherapeutics products for our facials. We provide the basic cleansing, steaming, exfoliating and moisturizing facials with more advanced facials coming soon.

How long do the individual lashes last?

Individual eyelash extensions are semi permanent and will last the entire life of the eyelash (with proper cared and maintenance). The lash extensions will shed with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes (normally 60 to 90 days so when one of your natural lashes is at the end of its cycle and falls off, it takes the extensions with it, therefore new growth will appear).If you wish for your lashes to remain full and glamorous, refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks and they will last or as long as you continue to have them refilled.

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