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Are you Summer Ready?

Bikini season is approaching and one of the questions you may ask yourself is "Is this the year I opt for a Brazilian?"

It can be a scary concept between the thought of having hair removed, to having someone see your most private (and prized ) possession!

Here are the in's and out of Brazilian waxing!

The most important thing is researching the place you go to get your Brazilian! Check the ratings of the location, be sure you are going somewhere clean and sanitary, and make sure the person doing your Brazilian is a licensed professional. Checking these things before hand will help make sure you have a good experience and help ease your mind a bit!

Once you have picked the right location for you, it is time to start prepping for your wax! For a Brazilian the hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long! I know, I know, even the thought of letting it grow out can be so difficult for some! But for the best results the hair has to be long enough for the wax to grab on to! It is also a great idea to exfoliate the area being waxed before hand. This helps get rid of any dead skin and will ensure the wax gets more hair directly from the root, which gives a much smoother and longer lasting result!

Another thing to keep in mind is when you will be getting your waxing done! Avoid going to get waxed around the time you are expecting your monthly cycle. You are naturally more sensitive around that time so if pain is something you are worried about definitely avoid waxing while menstruating!

Speaking of pain....yes there will be some pain. There are creams and ointments that claim to make it pain free and it is completely up to you on using those products, but the best thing to do is to stay calm and relaxed! No type of waxing is pleasurable, but in most cases the pain is much worse in your mind which can make you tense up and make the experience much more uncomfortable! It also will make it more diffucult for the person doing the waxing which in turn make the process much longer!

Other commonly asked questions are:

  • Is waxing better than shaving?

Simply Yes! Waxing removes way more hair than a razor! It pulls hair out from the root which makes new growth slower and thinner, that means less thick black stubble!! You avoid razor burn and cuts, and it is less work and effort on your part!

  • How often do I need to get a Brazilian?

Everyone is different but normally every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended! Avoid shaving in between, this can cause irritation and also it will prevent hair from getting long enough for your next wax!

  • Is getting a Brazilian safe?

Everyone skin is different and some my have a reaction to the wax. Wax burns are possible but again if you are going to a licenses professional in a clean and safe location, you should not run into that issue! Waxing does remove that natural layer of protection so you will need to make sure to stay clean and dry on a regular basis!

  • How much is it?

Prices differ depending where you go but the average is between $55 and $70 each time. One thing to keep in mind is if you keep up with waxing the more you get it done the less often you will need it! It is very possible to go from needing it ever 4 to 6 weeks to only needing it every few months. Again everyone's hair growth is different!

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